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2017-2018 Staff

Sergio Wave Watson


Sergio is the yearbook mascot, Popcorn provider, and moral supporter. The yearbook staff's work couldn't be done with out his help and his heating super powers.

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Cyerra Olvera

Student Journalist

Hi, I am Cyerra Olvera. I am a member of the New Plymouth yearbook staff. Not only am I a part of the staff, I am also the one snapping pictures of the athletes, turning a normal game into the most exciting part of the week for t...

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Skyler Woehler

Student Journalist

My name is Skyler Woehler and this is my first year in high school and in Yearbook/Journalism. I’ve lived in New Plymouth my whole life. While growing up the only sport I played was soccer. I played other sports like footba...

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Savanna Aldrich

Yearbook Editor, Student Journalist

I, Savanna Aldrich, your New Plymouth High School Yearbook Editor, have actively participated in Journalism/Yearbook for 3 years now. I am 17 years old. I work at Panda Express and I plan events in my spare time. I love yearbo...

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Emily McMichael

Student Journalist, Slide Show Manager

My name is Emily McMichael and I am the only junior on the journalism team this year. I am also one of the proud editors of the Pilgrims Press and the Pilgrim Yearbook. I absolutely love writing and taking pictures, whether it...

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Natasha Odgers

Student Journalist

My name is Natasha Odgers, I was born in Arizona in 2003. I moved to New Plymouth, Idaho in 2013 and was offered to move up a grade but denied it. I consider myself a fun person to be around, I always try to make sure everyon...

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Mabel Porter

Student Journalist

My name is Mabel Porter. I’ve been in yearbook since my sophomore year and  I am the yearbook 2017-18 design editor. I would have joined earlier but at that time they weren’t accepting freshman. I joined yearbook because I lov...

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Layce Lundy

Student Journalist

My name is Layce Diane Lundy and this is my first year in Journalism. I am fifteen and a Sophomore. I love to dance, and am on the New Plymouth dance team. I also like to run in track, especially hurdles and the long jump. I ma...

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Mykala Bishop

Student Journalist

My name is Mykala Bishop and I’m a freshman at New Plymouth High School. This is my first year taking Yearbook and Journalism. I’m on the volleyball team: #13. If you want to be my friend you have to like dogs because I wou...

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Pearl Porter

Student Journalist

My name is Pearl Porter and this is my first year of highschool. Yearbook gives me a certain sense of purpose at this school. I love the feeling of being able to control documentation of the history of our school. My sisters have ...

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Alyssa Murillo

Student Journalist

My name is Alyssa Murillo and I am fifteen, a capricorn, and sophomore at New Plymouth High, and this is my second year of yearbook and journalism. I moved to Idaho from California during my second grade year with my mom, who jus...

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Tyler Reed

Student Journalist, Website Manager

My name is Tyler Reed and this would be my first year in Journalism. I have been put in charge of the Student life in the yearbook and the website. I will be working alongside Layce Lundy on the Wrestling page. I will start th...

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