HOCO Day 4 !!!

November 1, 2017

During third period of homecoming week on September 21st, the Pilgrim nation headed outside to the baseball diamond for the field events.

It was very competitive. If you had friends outside of your grade, the friendship was lost, family no longer mattered, and it became a dog eat dog world. Aside from the neon clothing, many twinned with upper or lower classmen, but it was forgotten once the time came to cheer on your grade. The few students who had no ties with others and just wore neon were the brightest of them all during the affair.

During the occurrence, grades spat crude remarks at one another. “Senior cheaters!”, “Freshman losers!”, “You suck sophomores!” Even though the juniors were not insulted, they dished out the roasts just as quickly as anyone else could.

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