A moment worth waiting for

October 2, 2017

“And Tanner, you can crown the queen, for 2017, Elia Burgin,” Mrs. Madrid-Harris announced at the 2017 homecoming football game on September 22nd. All the king and queen nominees were lined up and holding onto each other in excitement, waiting for the big announcement. By popular vote, Tanner Butler and Elia Burgin were crowned Homecoming King and Queen .

Elia has been waiting for this moment since her freshman year and a little bit before that. Every year of highschool Elia has been nominated for class royalty, but she always denied the nomination in order to run for Queen. Elia’s determination, motivation, and eagerness came from her family. Her mom and aunt were both high school homecoming queens and Elia wanted to uphold a new family tradition. Elia felt both nervous and excited the whole week of homecoming and the day of voting, but had a lot of support from her friends.

When asking Elia about the tricks to getting people to vote she advised, “Say hi and smile to everyone in the halls, even if you don’t know them. Also, I told my little brother to tell his friends to vote for me.” Elia’s main advice for upcoming royalty is to always be nice and aquire a big group of supportive people.

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