Volley Ball Potato Feed

September 11, 2017

New Plymouth’s volleyball season kicked off officially with the first practice on August 15th and the first fundraiser, the Potato Feed, on August 29. The Potato Feed was a huge success considering that the team had to raise fifty dollars each player and there are 32 girls on the team. Using the money from the Potato Feed, the volleyball team is going to buy new nets, new balls, and already have bought brand new jerseys. In addition to the Potato Feed, the girls had fun preparing the food and serving it to the hungry customers. The first game went amazing, JV B and Varsity dominated and annihilated the Weiser teams, whilst JV A came to a close match but not prevailing on August 31st. Crowds of New Plymouth students came to watch their fellows classmates and athletes compete and cheer them on.

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